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Crossfire have successfully completed comprehensive fire safety remedial works within the vibrant Hubble Student Accommodation situated in Dublin City Centre. The project aimed to enhance the safety standards of the accommodation, ensuring compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations while accommodating the ongoing occupancy of students.

Working as the principal contractor, Crossfire's scope of works included: 

  • Ceiling Opening Works: Delicate yet precise opening up works were conducted within the ceilings to facilitate necessary inspections and installations.

  • Partition Demolition and Installation: Non-compliant fire-rated partitions were meticulously demolished and replaced with compliant ones, adhering strictly to regulatory standards.

  • Fire Stopping and Linear Gap Sealing: Crucial fire stopping measures were implemented to seal service penetrations and address linear gaps, fortifying the structural integrity against fire hazards.

  • Fire Door Upgrade: Existing fire doors underwent a comprehensive upgrade, bolstering their efficacy in containing fire outbreaks and ensuring optimal safety for the occupants.

  • Access Control Systems Installation: Innovative access control systems were seamlessly integrated into the fire doors, enhancing security measures without compromising on fire safety protocols.

  • Ceiling Reinstatement and Decoration: Post-installation, meticulous efforts were made to reinstate and decorate the ceilings and partitions, seamlessly blending the fire safety enhancements with the aesthetic appeal of the accommodation.

This project presented Crossfire with several formidable challenges, including:

  • Live and Occupied Environment: Working within an active student accommodation building demanded careful coordination to minimize disruption to the occupants' daily routines while executing the critical fire safety enhancements.

  • Urban Setting: Situated in Dublin City Centre adjacent to the  Luas Line, logistical complexities were expertly navigated to ensure the seamless progression of works amidst the urban environment.

  • Tight Deadlines: With stringent timelines in place, Crossfire's team demonstrated exceptional efficiency and dedication, ensuring the timely completion of all tasks without compromising on quality or safety standards.

Crossfire's successful completion of the fire safety remedial works at the Hubble Student Accommodation stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and client satisfaction. By overcoming challenges with ingenuity and professionalism, we have not only fortified the accommodation against fire hazards but also provided its occupants with enhanced peace of mind and security.

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