Passive Fire Protection

Crossfire Specialist Contracts are a market leader in the installation of passive fire protection products. Our firestopping team work tirelessly with our clients to offer a fully compliant fire stop install, in order to comply with the local Building Regulations and protect the lives of the building occupants.   

We work with thorough attention to detail, drawing on our expert knowledge of building compliance. With our years of experience in the construction industry, we also consider basic functions such as acoustic ratings and thermal properties as part of a robust passive fire protection system. Our clients have peace of mind knowing Crossfire are implementing third party accreditation fire protection solutions, as well as ensuring the correct installation of key structural features. 

During our work and on completion of encasement installations Crossfire produce records of who installed, which area the work was carried out in, what specified system was used to protect the area and when the work was done. Each installation can be physically identified through this electronic data recording process with detailed drawings and photographic support available. You may also want to consider utilising our company’s contact information label that can be fitted to each section or area on site. 

This scheme allows you to deal with future work effecting installed systems or maintenance of existing encasements, using the contact details provided on the company label.