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City Quays 3

Standing tall at 250,000 square feet, City Quays 3 emerges as a beacon of inspiration, representing one of Northern Ireland's grandest Grade A office developments. From its inception in 2019, this visionary project has not only created 600 construction jobs but also embodies a testament to the power of collaboration and progress. With its completion, City Quays 3 now stands poised to welcome and empower up to 1,800 individuals within its remarkable confines.

Designed by the visionary architects at RPP, this awe-inspiring endeavor transcends boundaries by embracing the esteemed BREEAM Excellent sustainability standard. By attaining this distinction, City Quays 3 confidently takes its place among the top 10 percent of sustainable new buildings in the entire United Kingdom. With every brick and beam, this masterpiece showcases the limitless potential of harmonizing innovative design and ecological consciousness.

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Castle Leslie Estate, Monaghan

Castle Leslie Estate, located in County Monaghan, Ireland, is a prestigious and enchanting destination that seamlessly blends history, luxury, and natural beauty. With a heritage dating back over 300 years, the estate is nestled amidst 1,000 acres of breathtaking Irish countryside, Castle Leslie Estate features a magnificent castle, charming country cottages, and an array of exceptional amenities. The castle exudes elegance and grandeur, boasting beautifully restored rooms and luxurious suites that provide a glimpse into the estate's rich history.

Crossfire's scope of works within Castle Leslie estate consisted of fire safety upgrade works within the existing Castle, including:

  • Opening up of ceilings.
  • Installation of passive fire protection.
  • Reinstatement of ceilings. 
  • Painting and decorating.
  • Upgrade of existing listed doors to achieve a fire rating.
  • Installation of fire doors. 
  • Application of Class O coatings to wall & ceiling linings. 
  • Upgrading the fire resistance of floors.  

This project inherited many challenges, including: 

  • Preservation of Historic Features.
  • Listed Building Status.
  • Structural Constraints.
  • Live Building.
  • Challenging Timelines. 

To overcome these complexities, Crossfire developed and employed the following solutions:

  • Detail Assessment on the scope of works and Castle Leslie to identify preservation requirements and plan the construction work accordingly.
  • Collaboration with the Design Team – Crossfire had regular meetings with the design team, to ensure all compliance with local regulations and historic preservation best practice guidelines.
  • Employing sympathetic construction techniques to help preserve the authenticity and character of the estate castle.
  • Employing specialist experienced craftsmen to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail.
  • Regular inspections and quality control measures during the construction phase to help identify and rectify any potential issues early on.
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Holiday Inn Express Derry

Crossfire were employed by Kevin Watson Group to complete the passive fire protection package within the £7 million 116 Bedroom Holiday Inn Hotel in Derry. 

Work included the installation of fire stopping within service penetrations within compartment walls and floors. All installation were carried out in strict accordance with the material tested details and data sheets. 

Altnagelvin Radio Therapy Unit

Crossfire were employed by McLaughlin & Harvey to complete the passive fire protection within the new Radiotherapy Unit at Altnaglevin Hospital, Derry.  The new building provides ground floor treatment rooms, including four linear accelerator bunkers, MRI scanner suites, CT scanner suites, and plain x-ray, as well as first and second floor offices and respite care, bed wards and isolation suites.

The new Radiotherapy Unit is a unique cross-border service project which will improve patient travelling times and provide more locally accessible services to patients from Western Trust area and the Republic of Ireland. 

Crossfire's scope of work included the installation of fire stopping within wall and floor openings, linear gap fire stops as well as air sealing.

Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital

The first of its kind in the UK; bringing together a range of primary, secondary and community healthcare services.

New build two-storey high-quality, modern hospital constructed on a brownfield site within the grounds of the existing live Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital.

Facilities include an Urgent Care Department, Day Procedure Unit, Imaging Department, Clinical Investigations and Testing Centre, Renal Centre, four GP practices, fourty-bed ensuite ward, Children’s Services, Support Services, Operating Theatres, Endoscopy Unit, Women’s Health Unit, Cardiac Assessment Unit, consultant rooms and offices, treatment rooms, therapy rooms, and a Children’s Department.

Crossfire's scope of services included the installation of fire stopping within compartment walls and floors, linear gap seal fire stops, installation of cavity barriers, as well as air & acoustic sealing.

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Q House

Crossfire Specialist Contracts Ltd was engaged as the principal contractor for undertaking remedial structural fire protection works within the prestigious Q House located in Sandyford, Dublin. The external skeleton frame of Q House had suffered significant environmental damage, resulting in severe corrosion.

Given the operational nature of Q House as an office building, Crossfire implemented the innovative RPR paint removal method to minimize noise, dust, and disruptions. Following meticulous surface preparation, our team diligently applied primer to the steel, followed by intumescent coatings to achieve the required fire rating, culminating in the application of a top coat sealer to protect the steel. The successful completion of Q House stands as yet another testament to Crossfire's commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence, we consistently surpass expectations, ensuring our clients receive superior outcomes. At Crossfire, we believe in setting new benchmarks and achieving unparalleled results in every project we undertake.

Delivering Excellence | Exceeding Expectations

MB Mcnamara
River House Hotel

Crossfire were employed by M.B. McNamara to install passive fire protection within the 249 Bedroom River House Hotel, Chancery Street Dublin. 

Crossfire's scope included fire stopping, structural steel protection as well as the application of Class O Coating to wall and ceiling linings. 

Design Team:

  • Architect: John Fleming Architects
  • Fire Engineer: Michael Slattery Associates
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The Rock, Castlerock

Enjoy the very best apartment living in one of Northern Ireland’s blue beaches. Situated on the outstanding North Coast, the seaside village of Castlerock offers the perfect tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Crossfire are currently installing a range of passive fire protection services within The Rock, Castlerock, including:

  • Fire stopping service penetrations
  • Linear Gap Seals
  • Full Fill Cavity Barriers
  • Open State Cavity Barriers within ventilated facades. 

The apartments are of modern design and architecture with bright & airy rooms with uninterrupted sea views. open plan living and dining space these apartments have been designed to ensure your maximum comfort of today’s modern living.

For more information, click here. 

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Unit 1 Quantum Logistics Park

Crossfire was tasked with completing passive fire protection works within the newly constructed Unit 1 at Quantum Distribution Park in Kilshane Cross, Dublin. The project was commissioned by DHL, with Crossfire being employed by the main contractor, TSL Projects.

Crossfire's scope of works encompassed a comprehensive range of passive fire protection measures crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of the building. These included:

  • Structural Steel Encasements.
  • Construction of 60 minute fire rated stair enclosures. 
  • Installation of FD30s and FD60s Fire Doors.
  • Firestopping of service penetrations. 

The project presented significant challenges due to its rapid pace and tight deadlines. However, Crossfire's experienced team rose to the occasion, employing efficient project management strategies and leveraging their expertise to meet the client's expectations within the stipulated time frame.

Crossfire's involvement in Unit 1 Quantum Distribution Park project highlights our proficiency in delivering high-quality passive fire protection solutions within demanding timelines. Through meticulous planning, skilled execution, and unwavering dedication to safety, Crossfire continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted partner in safeguarding commercial and industrial developments against fire hazards.

The Hubble, IFSC

Crossfire have successfully completed comprehensive fire safety remedial works within the vibrant Hubble Student Accommodation situated in Dublin City Centre. The project aimed to enhance the safety standards of the accommodation, ensuring compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations while accommodating the ongoing occupancy of students.

Working as the principal contractor, Crossfire's scope of works included: 

  • Ceiling Opening Works: Delicate yet precise opening up works were conducted within the ceilings to facilitate necessary inspections and installations.

  • Partition Demolition and Installation: Non-compliant fire-rated partitions were meticulously demolished and replaced with compliant ones, adhering strictly to regulatory standards.

  • Fire Stopping and Linear Gap Sealing: Crucial fire stopping measures were implemented to seal service penetrations and address linear gaps, fortifying the structural integrity against fire hazards.

  • Fire Door Upgrade: Existing fire doors underwent a comprehensive upgrade, bolstering their efficacy in containing fire outbreaks and ensuring optimal safety for the occupants.

  • Access Control Systems Installation: Innovative access control systems were seamlessly integrated into the fire doors, enhancing security measures without compromising on fire safety protocols.

  • Ceiling Reinstatement and Decoration: Post-installation, meticulous efforts were made to reinstate and decorate the ceilings and partitions, seamlessly blending the fire safety enhancements with the aesthetic appeal of the accommodation.

This project presented Crossfire with several formidable challenges, including:

  • Live and Occupied Environment: Working within an active student accommodation building demanded careful coordination to minimize disruption to the occupants' daily routines while executing the critical fire safety enhancements.

  • Urban Setting: Situated in Dublin City Centre adjacent to the  Luas Line, logistical complexities were expertly navigated to ensure the seamless progression of works amidst the urban environment.

  • Tight Deadlines: With stringent timelines in place, Crossfire's team demonstrated exceptional efficiency and dedication, ensuring the timely completion of all tasks without compromising on quality or safety standards.

Crossfire's successful completion of the fire safety remedial works at the Hubble Student Accommodation stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and client satisfaction. By overcoming challenges with ingenuity and professionalism, we have not only fortified the accommodation against fire hazards but also provided its occupants with enhanced peace of mind and security.

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