Air & Acoustic Sealing

Crossfire Specialist Contracts offer a comprehensive range of air sealing solutions to ensure that inward and outward leakage of air is contained.  

Assisting you at all stages of the build, Crossfire’s specification and installation team seek to provide the most cost effective, technically viable and efficient air seal and energy saving performance solutions to ensure that the standards required for your building are achieved. 

Using the latest guidance criteria of BREEAM that measure sustainable value in a series of categories, ranging from energy to ecology; Crossfire’s aim is to support new construction sustainability with air seal improvements through installation of approved products that contribute towards the energy efficiency of designated building zones. 

Specific building and service type compliant air seal systems can be installed to provide insulation between internal and external construction compartments to enhance your projects environmental, energy and acoustics performance. These specialist systems can also assist with buildings atmospheric operational and control processes.