Fire Safety Surveys


Fire Safety Surveys

Crossfire's seasoned and knowledgeable team is readily available to conduct meticulous Fire Safety Surveys, whether it be for a single building or an entire estate.

Leveraging our extensive expertise across diverse sectors, Crossfire specializes in performing inspections in occupied buildings. Our surveys provide clients with comprehensive insights and data required to make informed decisions, ensuring proper maintenance of passive fire safety measures and compliance with local Building Regulations Requirements.

Annex I of BS9999:2017 states “ It is essential for the safety of the occupants of a building that fire safety equipment (including passive fire protection provisions) is inspected frequently. Although much of the inspection can be undertaken by suitably trained personnel, a formal agreement should be made with the installer or the installer’s representative to provide the regular inspection and testing described in the relevant British Standards for individual fire safety installations.”  

Therefore, to satisfy this requirement, Crossfire offers a diverse range of surveys and reports tailored to our client’s unique circumstance and priorities.

What to expect from a Fire Safety Survey

Crossfire’s experienced team will visually inspect all areas of the identified compartment lines within your building to assess their likely performance in the event of a fire. Defects in compartmentation lines can take numerous forms and require expert identification. 

Common defects include: simple penetrations, such as pipework entering or exiting a compartment with no gaps, or inappropriate firestopping, allowing smoke or fire to potentially pass from one compartment to another. 

Others defects include, cabling, voids, ducts or linear gaps where compartment lines do not fully encapsulate the compartment. These defects are either latent, from the original build, or imposed from subsequent works (such as M&E events). Both are re-iterating the need for regular inspection 

Fire door inspections involve the application of a defined set of protocols/inspection/survey checks to determine the condition of an existing fire door. A pass and fail criteria is agreed and remediation and repair solutions are provided to bring the fire door back to its original condition. An inspection certificate is issued on completion with a detailed report. Fire door inspectors have the appropriate knowledge, training and experience to apply these checks, and are usually FDIS, BRE or BM TRADA qualified. 

Third-party fire door certification provides an additional level of assurance of both the level and consistency of performance relevant to the door for both manufacturer and installing contractor. It provides an independent, technical process for evaluating and approving the fire door or installation against a set of defined criteria in standards and procedures 

In addition to providing the detail, Crossfire will provide a suite of report conclusions and practical next steps.  These include: 

  • A dashboard, highlighting in graphical form the report key findings 
  • A detailed report, detailing all the practical next steps to define a pathway to getting your building compliant 

We can even provide full costs with your report, should you require it, for remediation of any defects found.