Pre-Construction Consultation


By collaborating closely with architects, fire engineers, and the broader design team, we ensure that project designs are aligned with cost plans, timelines, and the clients' vision, ultimately delivering exceptional outcomes.

In today's construction industry, Pre-Contract Service Agreements (PCSAs) have become increasingly prevalent. By entrusting Crossfire as your reliable passive fire protection contractor, we forge a deep understanding of your project, cultivate strong client relationships, assign dedicated design resources, and provide expert guidance to guarantee a seamless journey from inception to completion. Our experienced team has successfully executed PCSAs on a wide range of projects, from expansive mixed-use developments to single structures.

At Crossfire, we embrace the opportunity to contribute our extensive knowledge and expertise through PCSAs. This allows us to offer tailored technical advice, innovative passive fire protection solutions, and meticulous project management, ensuring a smooth and successful venture right from the start. Our commitment to excellence and vast experience in PCSAs position us as the ideal partner for your project, regardless of its scale or complexity.

Employing Crossfire under a PSCA has many value added benefits

  • Providing technical advice and design proposals.
  • Resolving any scope gaps between trades.
  • Provides the client with better cost certainty.
  • Shortens design & procurement programmes once appointed.
  • Speeds up sampling and benchmarking.
  • Allows for full transparency between the design team and the contractors